Becoming Just 10% Better Can Generate 30% More Revenue For Your Business – Feb 12, 2018

How can this be?

To add 30% more revenue, you’d have to put in tons of extra money and time, right?

Fortunately, that’s not the case.

The good news is, you don’t have to work much harder to significantly increase your bottom line.

Can you do a 10% better job?

Sure you can!

Especially when it means a significant increase in your income or revenue, right?

Here’s how it works.

Let’s say for every 1,000 people you advertise to, you generate 100 prospects.

Of those 100 prospects, you convert 10% to sales.

If each of those sales were worth just $100 to you, you would earn $1,000.

So that’s some simple math and it’s not too hard to figure out, right?

Now let’s look at what happens if you just increase your skillset enough to do just 10% better in each category across the board.

So you advertise to 10% more people. That’s 1,100 people to which you advertise to.

Then you adjust your marketing to attract just 10% more prospects. That’s an increase of only 10 more prospects. 110 total.

Then you close just 10% more sales than you closed before. So you close 11% of the deals you work instead of 10%. That equals 12.1 sales

Then you increase your average sale ticket by 10%. That’s $110 per sale rather than $100.

12.1 sales times $110 equals $1,331.

That’s over a 33% increase in revenue from just a 10% improvement!

What could this mean on a yearly basis for your business? If you are currently bringing in $200,000 in revenue, a 33% increase would be worth $66,000 in additional revenue!

Imagine if you could increase your abilities by just 10% every year?

These small improvements in your day to day operation can and will make the biggest differences in your success!


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