Communication Is Key! Feb 14, 2018

Are you communicating with your customers?

I don’t just mean when they are buying, but are you reaching out to your customers at least once a month to ensure that you’re meeting their needs?

Lack of communication opens the door to your competitors whether it’s before the sale, during the sale, or after the sale.

If you haven’t communicated with your customers in a while you should immediately start a plan of action to do so. If it’s possible, do it yourself. If you can, call them and follow up on your last job you did for them.

Empathetically show that you care and want to earn their future business. If it’s been a while since your last contact, you’ll most likely find that you have in fact lost opportunities to your competitors that are doing a better job of communicating.

If it’s not feasible to contact each person yourself, have a staff member do so. If that’s still not feasible, send an email, or a genuine letter.

The most important thing is to stay in front of your customer even when you’re not selling something. You’ll increase your sales, and most of all you’ll increase your relationship with your customers.


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