Reach and CAPTIVATE Your Target Audience!

7 Great Reasons Why Direct-Mail Should Be Part of Your Marketing Arsenal

1. It's Highly Targeted: We can help you target your audience by numerous variables to ensure you are always getting in front of the right person or business.

2. More Personal Than Other Methods: Up to 70% of Americans believe that mail is more personal than the internet.

3. Direct-Mail Lasts Longer: In many instances your mail piece will lay around your prospect's home of business for quite some time. In addition, up to 80% of people say that they can remember a direct mail piece for up to a month.

4. It is Tangible and Real: Your prospect will be able to touch and feel your mail. This again makes it much more of a personal and involved experience.

5. Direct-Mail Gets Read: Over 90% of American residents check their mail every day. They go through everything they receive. You certainly can't say that about the internet!

6. Provides Great ROI! Compare direct mail to your other marketing efforts and you'll see that the ROI is much higher than other forms of marketing!

7. High Levels of Engagement: People checking their mail every day are spending up to 25 minutes reading over what they've received. You don't have to worry about your marketing message getting deleted or marked as spam prior to your customer receiving it!


What Our Services Can Do For You!

1. Save Money: If you did your own direct-mail you could wastefully spend thousands more dollars than you need to. You're well aware that postage has just hit 55 cents! By letting us use our pre-sort permits and technologies, we can get postage for you as low as .29 cents or less!

2. Save Time: Printing postcards or mailings are a headache for most. Our printing equipment combines the most efficient and the latest in technologies to get your mailing out fast!

3. Complete Tracking!: Are you using direct-mail now? Do you get tracking to ensure that you know that your mailing has been sent and that your prospects are getting your mail? We use an incredible software that provides a link to you for every mailing you send that shows you when your mail is hitting houses and businesses. This ensures that you always know that your mailing has been delivered! Plus, we're centrally located in Kansas which provides timely delivery all around the country! CLICK HERE to see a small sample of our tracking interface!(Opens in new tab)

4. 100% Simplified: You will have a dedicated rep and graphic artist that handles everything for you. We even have copywriters that have specialized in direct-mail for decades that can help you tweak your offer for you if you'd like. However much help and assistance you need, we're here to help. Best of all, we provide all of these services at very competitive prices!

5. Great Customer Service: We will treat you like family! We want to help you reach your target audience and do it well! Your success is very important to us! So what are you waiting for!? Let us give you a free quote today!

One More Thing!

In addition to direct-mail we also provide fulfillment services. Do you have product to fulfill on the back end? Maybe booklets, sales letters, cards, cd's, dvd's, t-shirts, promotional products, etc. We do that too! Just ask and we'll set you up with the best service and pricing possible. We'll help you take a load off of your to-do plate!

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